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Ready To try to outwit Granny Or Hard ARD?

**After you book your room, everyone must sign their own waiver**

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About Our rooms

Hostage At Granny's

Granny has gotten lonely and a little CRAZY!  She loves to KEEP company.  Hurry and help her latest hostage escape.  I hope you're not caught there when she returns.



If you are bringing children under the age of 12, we recommend you book the entire room. This is to make sure everyone involved has the best experience possible! 

***Room is geared for 3 or more people, but teams of 2 can play***

Hard Ards Shed **NOW OPEN Apr 28th**

You have blacked out and find that you and your friends have found yourselves locked inside of some kind of bizarre shed.  The room has some strange torture contraptions laying around.  This room has some great twist that will keep you on edge.

Tornado Warning **coming soon**

You find yourself in the wild wild west.  The tornado alarm is ringing.  Hurry and take cover in the wild west saloon.  Today just happens to be Sunday and the doors are closed.  Find a way in as fast as you can!  

**This room has some great effects. (Strobe lights are used in this room, and has been known to cause seizures with some people, please be aware)

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